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Jan 07

What Research Do We Base Our “Safe Foods” list on?

I was recently asked this question.  Here was my reply:

I’ve gathered information from a variety of sources to get confirmation.  Because this is a relatively new “thing”, the hard research is scarce.  We’ve linked to several major articles on our website


The authorities, as we have best determined, are Shepherd Works  … Sue Shepherd pioneered the work on FODMAPs, along with Peter Gibson and Jacqueline Barrett.  Also, Patsy Catsos’ book, IBS Free at Last, Kate Scarlata, Barbara Bolen (she’s all over, and King’s College London have provided a lot of info.  There’s also a great free Food Intolerances App for iphones 


There is some confusion over low FODMAP and FODMAP free and not all people we have talked to react to all of the foods … for example, my daughter can tolerate a small amount of dates (like  in Lara Bars), but others can’t tolerate any amount.  She can’t tolerate any amount of onion, and others have no problem with onion powder.  This is definitely not a precise diet, but the relief has been remarkable!


Hope that helps.


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