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Feb 26

FODMAP Foods Quick Reference List

Learning what you can and can’t eat on the FODMAP diet can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning.  The attached FODMAP Foods Quick Reference List will help you get used to your dietary restrictions.  Once you get used to it and stock your kitchen with only FODMAP Free foods, you can relax and know that …

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Jan 23

FODMAP Free Foods for your Super Bowl Party

The most frequently served foods at a Super Bowl Party are a buffet of finger foods, foods that serve well on paper plates in front of the television or are easily transported to a party you are attending versus hosting.   We have created FODMAP Free recipes for some of your Super Bowl Party favorites: FODMAP …

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Jan 14

Eat Like President Obama on Inauguration Day!

President Obama’s Inaugural Luncheon will be held at Statuary Hall in the US Capitol following the swearing-in ceremony on Monday, Jan. 21.  The “Faith in America’s Future” farm-to-table feast pays homage to sustainably produced and artisanal foods.   We have recreated the recipes in FODMAP Free form so you can eat like the President on …

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Jan 07

What Research Do We Base Our “Safe Foods” list on?

I was recently asked this question.  Here was my reply: I’ve gathered information from a variety of sources to get confirmation.  Because this is a relatively new “thing”, the hard research is scarce.  We’ve linked to several major articles on our website   The authorities, as we have best determined, are Shepherd Works  …

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Dec 19

Fiber without FODMAPS

It is very easy not to get enough fiber if you are on a FODMAP Free Diet, but this list should help.  Below is a list of FODMAP Free foods and their fiber content.  A printable PDF list is downloadable here. According to the USDA Nutrient data bank, here are the daily fiber needs for men …

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Oct 14

Chocolate-Orange-Raspberry Cupcakes

These cool Fall days motivate me to bake.  Created these delicious Chocolate-Orange-Raspberry Cupcakes — a great FODMAP Free flavor combination! [shopeat_button]

Oct 14

Pumpkins Muffins – Perfect FODMAP Free Fall Food

It’s October and who isn’t thinking about pumpkins?  Pumpkin is a FODMAP free food!  Today, I made some delicious FODMAP free pumpkins muffins that pleased the whole family.  Check them out! [shopeat_button]

Sep 27

Gluten in Medicine??


Gluten in Medicine: How to Find Out If Your Medication is Safe Links to Drug Company Contact Information From Nancy Lapid, former Guide, Updated January 09, 2009 Health’s Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical Review Board   Hidden gluten in medicine is a problem for people with celiac disease. The …

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Sep 06

Fresh Almond Butter

almond butter

You can make your own fresh almond butter at Whole Foods!  It’s great as a spread on gluten free bread!     [shopeat_button]

Sep 05

Lara Bars


  True or False?  FODMAP Free means never eating another granola bar or energy bar.  FALSE!   With the exception of the ones made with apples, we can eat Lara Bars !!    They come in a variety of flavors, including:  banana bread, blueberry muffin, lemon bar, key lime pie, ginger snap and more.  I haven’t tried all …

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