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FODMAP Free Recipes

Everyone needs to eat and most of us want to enjoy our meals.  However, for those of us who have lived for years with chronic stomach pain, bloating, and more, food is often our enemy.  Eating FODMAP free food has been liberating and, for the first time in years, my stomach doesn’t hurt!

We have begun to amass a collection of my “tested” FODMAP-Free recipes.  I will continue to add to this as our kitchen “experiments” continue.  Please feel free to share recipes for your tasty FODMAP-Free treats!




Red and Yellow Peppers are FODMAP Free … keep away from the green ones!  You can stuff little ones with cooked ground turkey, season wth chives, salt & pepper, add a little FODMAP acceptable chees (such as fontina, gruyere or extra sharp cheddar) to help it stick together … and presto, FODMAP free nibbles.

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Gluten Free Bread and Muffins

Bread and Muffins

FODMAP Free doesn’t mean no bread or muffins!  There are a lot of gluten free flour alternatives and Xanthan gum is a FODMAP Free thickening agent.   Below is a general guideline for adding xanthan gum and Guar Gum in Gluten-Free Cooking: Bread and pizza dough recipes: Add 1 teaspoon xanthan gum or guar gum per …

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Desserts & Pastries

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Entrees and Main Dishes

Cooking an entre or main dish is a challenge without FODMAPs! No garlic, no onion, no chili powder … among other seasonings. Keep it simple. Simple can be good! My first suggestion is to buy quality meats, poulty and seafood. Most have enough flavor to make a tasty dinner!

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Sauces, Soups and Seasonings

Below is a collection of sauces, soups and seasonings to help you eat well on a FODMAP Free or Low FODMAP diet.   Different people react differently to many herbs and spices, so if you know you react badly to some (e.g. horseradish or fennel), don’t use it.  Either omit it or experiment to find …

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Side Dishes

  Quinoa and Polenta are quickly becoming my “go to” side dishes!  Both can be jazzed up with FODMAP friendly foods! 

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chocolate french toast

Breakfast Ideas

You don’t have to give up taste (or chocolate!) to be FODMAP Free!!  Breakfast has always been a big deal around our house.  Hope you find this collection of receipes helpful and tasty! All recipes will please both your FODMAP free eater and those who can eat anything!  ENJOY! Please feel free to share your recipes …

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  1. James

    very nice submit, i certainly love this website, carry on it

  2. AMY

    Thank you so much for these recipes. It has been hard to fun great tasting food that is low in fodmap. Thank you!!


      Thanks! We ran into the same problem and that’s why we started this. :-)

  3. Shawn

    This website is a wonderful resource!! I have just recently
    Discovered the benifis of following this diet. Do you have any recommendations for low fodmap vitamins ( many have wheat & other undesirable ingredients) . I was also wondering about the fodmap guidelines: is wheat a problem or gluten? Or both?

  4. Barbara St John

    I have recently been diagnosed with IBS after 6 months of misery and a number of procedures to check things out. My doctor recommends a low FODMAP diet and I really needed to know more about it. Yea Stanford. I’m a northern Californian so I can relate. I started following this about 10 days ago and while things are not perfect it is making a difference. This list has given me a much better perspective on what I should and should not be eating and drinking. At the moment I am following a lactose free, gluten free and low acid diet. Thanks and I will be following this website.


      People get relief from also eliminating:

      — Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS): Legume beans (eg. baked beans, kidney beans), Lentils, Chickpeas
      — Polyols: Apples, Apricots, Avocado, Cherries, Longon, Lychee, Nectarines, Pears, Plums, Prunes, Mushrooms, Sorbitol, etc.

      Be careful of commercially purchased tomato sauces and broths, as they often contain onion and/or garlic.
      Apple cider vinegar can also be a trigger.

      Good luck!

  5. Bill

    THANK you so much for collecting all this great information. It has been very helpful … learning a whole new way to eat and cook! The recipes are terrific!

  6. junie


    I have been trying to find recipes for the low fodmap diet.

    I am a vegetarian, and I used to eat soya and quorn, I have read that this is not suitable, can you recommend what I can replace these items with please.

    Many Thanks



      Tofu may not bother you. The processing of tofu from soybeans minimizes the FODMAP content and the researchers at Monash University have put it in on the low FODMAP shopping guide. Pure gluten, which is a protein, should not bother you. When adding anything to your diet that might trigger your symptoms, try only a small amount and one item at a time so you can track any reaction. Hope that helps!

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