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Nov 05

FODMAP Free Evaporated Milk

FODMAP Free Evaporated Milk

Many recipes call for evaporated or condensed milk.  There is no commercially available lactose free (FODMAP Friendly) evaporated milk. 

It is EASY to make your own — simply slowly simmer lactose free whole milk until the volume has been reduced by half.  For most baking recipes, you will need to allow the milk to come to room temperature before using.  It can be stored in the refrigerator, in an air tight container, for up to a week.

Oct 15

FODMAP Diet — Craze or Credible?

This article appeared in Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology, Series #112 (December 2012).     This is exciting news!  It is validation for current FODMAP dieters,  is helping to raise awareness of the GI benefits of the diet, and, more importantly, the more research that is conducted, the better the definitions of “eat versus avoid” will become!


According to the authors, “The FODMAP diet has been around since 2001, but only now does it have the evidence it needs to become more widespread in clinical practice.”


CONCLUSION:  … evidence indicates that the FODMAP diet provides an effective approach to managing patients with FGID. Drug therapy is often necessary as well, but long-term success is likely to take place only after the addition of dietary changes. More research is needed to determine the FODMAP content of all foods and to determine the legitimacy of applying a low FODMAP diet to patients with IBD. Many gastroenterologist and dietitians are now starting to apply this diet in clinical practice. The FODMAP diet may have once been a craze, but now with an  increasing body of evidence behind it, is definitely a credible and valuable tool in the management of patients with FGID

FODMAP Craze or Credible?



Oct 11


This is a great article about IBS among young people and the possible FODMAP connection.  FODMAPS trigger IBS among adults, why not kids?.  As parents, who among us hasn’t heard … “My stomach hurts” and kept our child home from school.  Doctors are finally looking to FODMAPs for the treatment of young people.

“Is tummy trouble keeping your child out of school?  It could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome”  (from

Oct 06

FODMAP Free Halloween Candy!

Natural Candy - halloween-2013 Just in time for Halloween.  We found this online store and thought you would enjoy it too! They carry an amazing variety of FODMAP Free candies (no high fructose corn syrup, no apple juice) and it is made with all-natural ingredients.  All the FUN without the FUNNY stuff!™
P.S. If you place your first order through this link, we get credit!

Oct 02

October is all about PUMPKINS!

PumpkinsPumpkins are not just for pie … although they do make a good pie and we have a couple of dynamite recipes.  We are building a collection of savory and sweet FODMAP Free pumpkin recipes to help you make the most of pumpkin season!


Try any of these FODMAP favorites:






Oct 02

Need Worcestershire Sauce?

Frustrated by all those recipes that call for Worcestershire sauce?

We’ve got you covered!

Get the Recipe here

Sep 26

Is Molasses a FODMAP trigger?

Why do some FODMAP dieters react to molasses and some do not?  Like many other FODMAP foods, more research needs to be done to refine the dietary restrictions.  In the meantime, a possible explanation could be that molasses can be made with sugarcane, grapes, sorghum or beets.  Beets are an Oligosaccharide, a FODMAP trigger.  Some molasses is made with sugarcane juice and beet sugar, this would probably also trigger a reaction. 

Advice — read the label carefully to see how the molasses is made and avoid those made with beets.

Substitutes for molasses:

  • Add a teaspoon of clear vanilla to the invert sugar recipe.
  • Make caramelized sugar; it is ready to add to a recipe in just 10 minutes. 
  • Use sorghum molasses — a commercially available substitute.

Sep 20

FODMAP Community Education Class

St Joseph Hospital - Nashua, NH

Helping to spread the word about the FODMAP diet …  For those of you lucky enough to be in the Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) area, St. Joseph’s Hospital is hosting a “Dinner with the Doc” discussion on “IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Is a FODMAP Diet Right for Me?” on October 9.


If you have a great GI doc and/or dietician who is knowledgeable about the FODMAP diet, try suggesting they work with a local hospital or library to host similar discussions.  St. Joseph’s Hospital charges a $10 admission fee … that should cover any costs you incur.

Sep 18

Soy Confusion

Information worth repeating.

Soy based products are confusing for FODMAP dieters because their FODMAP content varies widely depending on how the soy is used. Soy flour has a high FODMAP content. Tofu is low in FODMAP because of the way it is processed. The level of FODMAPS in soy yogurt also varies by manufacturer, depending on if it is made with whole or hulled soy beans or if inulin, chicory root or other high FODMAP ingredients are added. We have not had a reaction to O’Soy or Tofutti products.

Sep 16

Ice Cream and Cookies! YUM!

Summer may be officially over, but it is always the right time for new desserts!  Try our FODMAP Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with FODMAP Free Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  DELICIOUS!!

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