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Sep 26

Is Molasses a FODMAP trigger?

Why do some FODMAP dieters react to molasses and some do not?  Like many other FODMAP foods, more research needs to be done to refine the dietary restrictions.  In the meantime, a possible explanation could be that molasses can be made with sugarcane, grapes, sorghum or beets.  Beets are an Oligosaccharide, a FODMAP trigger.  Some molasses is made with sugarcane juice and beet sugar, this would probably also trigger a reaction. 

Advice — read the label carefully to see how the molasses is made and avoid those made with beets.

Substitutes for molasses:

  • Add a teaspoon of clear vanilla to the invert sugar recipe.
  • Make caramelized sugar; it is ready to add to a recipe in just 10 minutes. 
  • Use sorghum molasses — a commercially available substitute.

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