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Invert Sugar – A FODMAP Free Alternative to Corn Syrup

Many recipes call for corn syrup … a no-no for a FODMAP Free diet. There
are a few substitution options: golden syrup, maple syrup, molasses and
treacle. However, if you may find these substitutions change the flavor of
your recipe.  The alternative … make Invert Sugar!


Invert sugar is close in function to honey or corn syrup, but it is not honey or corn syrup so is well tolerated by FODMAP Free dieters … make this and have it on hand for all your baking needs!


Invert sugar is used extensively in confectionary for preparations such as ganache, jellies, fudge, and taffy and in the preparation of sorbets and ice cream.  It has the consistency of corn syrup or honey and has the ability to control crystallization; it creates a smoother feel in finished dish (such as ice cream or ganache).


 Invert sugar attracts and holds the water and will help keep fillings for chocolates and fudge moist and tender for much longer. Invert sugar also contributes to the Maillard reaction (caramelizing) and consequently will aid the browning process.  It is also used in certain baked goods to increase tenderness and moistness and intensifies aromas, especially in sorbet and certain chocolate ganache applications. With so many desirable attributes in confectionary and baking, the question why use invert sugar, is no longer a mystery. [Thanks, Chef Eddy for that description of the marvelous uses of invert sugar —]


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