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Jul 16


Welcome to the new site dedicated to spreading information about FODMAPs and living without stomach “issues”!

It’s true what they say, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  Unfortuantely for me, everything I ate gave me gastrointestinal problems.  Since I have been FODMAP-free, my stomach is better!

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  1. Dr.Carole

    Helpful Information!! Most people do not think about the fact that over processed food is not the best way to get the best nutrition and bang for your food buck. What we eat translates into fuel for our body. Eating “good” fuel = great energy. Junk, or any food that our body can not use properly or convert into good fuel = less than optimal energy, health, brain power and life performance. In fact, food effects not only the body we see, but our brain and moods!!
    With your practical information, and such delicious recipes, you are helping many people eat better, feel better and even lose weight! Great!

    Just keep those wonderful and tasty receipts coming!!

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