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Jul 01

Fructose and lactose intolerance and malabsorption testing: the relationship with symptoms in functional gastrointestinal disorders


Slowly but surely … getting some traction within the scientific community about the link between FODMAPs and “gut” issues.

In the June 2013 Journal, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics published this article.


Fructose and lactose intolerances are common in functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) and associated with .increased non-GI symptoms, but not with specific FGID subtypes. Symptoms experienced during breath testing, but not malabsorption, correlate with FGID symptoms. Effective symptom relief with dietary adaptation is not associated with malabsorption. Mechanisms relating to the generation of GI and non-GI symptoms due to lactose and fructose in FGID need to be explored further.


To read more, click here to download the entire article.

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