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Jan 23

FODMAP Free Foods for your Super Bowl Party

The most frequently served foods at a Super Bowl Party are a buffet of finger foods, foods that serve well on paper plates in front of the television or are easily transported to a party you are attending versus hosting.   We have created FODMAP Free recipes for some of your Super Bowl Party favorites:

FODMAP Free Salsa

FODMAP Free Ranch Dressing Dip

FODMAP Free Buffalo Chicken Dip

FODMAP Free Buffalo Chicken Wings

FODMAP Free Polenta Pepperoni Pizza

FODMAP Free Greek Meatballs

FODMAP Free Chicken Enchiladas

Sugar Coated Pecans – Always FODMAP Free

Peanut Butter Cookies – Always FODMAP Free

Supplement these delicious foods with your favorite FODMAP Free chips (we like blue corn chips!), celery stalks (for the chicken wings, of course), a bowl of popcorn (don’t add butter), and maybe a platter of celery, carrots, and sliced red or yellow peppers to go with the Ranch Dip.


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