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Feb 26

FODMAP Foods Quick Reference List

Learning what you can and can’t eat on the FODMAP diet can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning.  The attached FODMAP Foods Quick Reference List will help you get used to your dietary restrictions.  Once you get used to it and stock your kitchen with only FODMAP Free foods, you can relax and know that what you eat will not double you over in pain or send you running for the bathroom.


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  1. Karen

    I notice that there are contradictions between the quick (colorful) FodMap chart and the one Stanford U. has (both are links on your site). They don’t agree on eggplant, summer squash, artichokes, onion and garlic powders, and a few other foods. How do you suggest I go about finding which is accurate — other than trying them and seeing how I react? Is there another more comprehensive list of good and bad FodMap foods?


      Because the FODMAP diet is so new … relatively speaking … unfortunately, there are contradictions. That is why I have tried to share as much information as possible, so FODMAP dieters can make their own determination. From personal experience, eggplant and all squash are OK, but artichokes, onion and garlic (in all forms), cause adverse reactions.

  2. Karen

    Relative to this question…foods are still being tested. As new information becomes available, the lists change to incorporate the latest and greatest info. A good resource is Kate Scarlata, RD. When the food testing research is released she posts whatever is new so her patients and followers can adjust accordingly. She has a website, a blog and her practice is in the Boston, MA area.

    P.S. I love your site – “Living FODMAP Free” BTW. It is very informative and easy to navigate. The recipes here will add more variety to my meals also. Many thanks for all your efforts!


      Thanks for sharing info. I have also found Kate Scarlata’s site as a valuable resource,, as well as Patsy Catsos at

      This is such a relatively new dietary discovery that everyone with any reliable information needs to share with others.

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