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Jan 14

FODMAP Diet — One of the best for 2014

US News & World Report has included the Low FODMAP diet on their list of Best Diets for 2014.  They do not endorse it as a way to lose weight, but as a way to get relief from chronic GI issues.  To read more, go to


  1. Pam Rivard

    I need to learn about this and how to absorb this diet into my household for a FODMAP sensitive vegan coming to stay for 2 weeks.


      FODMAP free Vegan is difficult. A vegan can substitute tofu and other soy based products, but these may be “triggers” for a FODMAP’er. Tofu is usually OK as most of the FODMAPs are removed during the processing of the soy. Soy cream cheese, soy milk and soy cottage cheese are likely to cause reactions. Will do some additional research and see if we can help you out more!

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