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Oct 15

FODMAP Diet — Craze or Credible?

This article appeared in Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology, Series #112 (December 2012).     This is exciting news!  It is validation for current FODMAP dieters,  is helping to raise awareness of the GI benefits of the diet, and, more importantly, the more research that is conducted, the better the definitions of “eat versus avoid” will become!


According to the authors, “The FODMAP diet has been around since 2001, but only now does it have the evidence it needs to become more widespread in clinical practice.”


CONCLUSION:  … evidence indicates that the FODMAP diet provides an effective approach to managing patients with FGID. Drug therapy is often necessary as well, but long-term success is likely to take place only after the addition of dietary changes. More research is needed to determine the FODMAP content of all foods and to determine the legitimacy of applying a low FODMAP diet to patients with IBD. Many gastroenterologist and dietitians are now starting to apply this diet in clinical practice. The FODMAP diet may have once been a craze, but now with an  increasing body of evidence behind it, is definitely a credible and valuable tool in the management of patients with FGID

FODMAP Craze or Credible?



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