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Category Archive: My FODMAP Journey

A collection of my comments and experiences dealing with chronic stomach pain, gas and bloating as well as my efforts to live FODMAP free

Feb 21

Are your IBS Symptoms treatable with the FODMAP diet?

It can be very frustrating finding the one thing that triggers your symptoms because it may not be one thing … it may be many things or the combination of things. There are also a lot of “hidden” FODMAP additives in foods … for example, most canned tomato sauces and store bought soup broths contain …

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Jan 14

My Journey

Eating a low FODMAPs diet or completely free of FODMAPs is a life change for anyone, however for me, it was the journey getting there that deemed the true struggle.  The advances we have made in modern medicine are astounding, but somehow, doctor after doctor, told me there was no concrete reason I was painfully …

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Sep 29

My meals yesterday

Getting used to the dietary limitations imposed by a FODMAP FREE diet is a challenge.  However, it is definitely do-able.  Here’s what my meals were yesterday:   Breakfast:  Smoothie Ingredients : ice, almond milk, banana and strawberries. Midmorning Snack:  Green Grapes Lunch:  Sandwich, Glutino pretzels, Lucy’s cookie, raw yellow pepper Sandwich ingredients : gluten free …

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Aug 27

When your diagnosis doesn’t fit anything else …

The media is beginning to catch on … love this quote, “If you’ve been seen by a doctor and have been found not to have other conditions  such as celiac disease, ovarian cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, you might  want to consider a low FODMAP diet.” Read more: