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Miscellaneous interesting, and hopefully helpful, information about living FODMAP free!

Jan 14

Healthy foods that are bad for you!

This concept is not new to FODMAP dieters … fortunately, there is growing support for this among gastroenterologists, dieticians,  nutritionists and people who create diets. Two recent examples include a diet promoted on Yahoo! Health and that appeared in Readers Digest.  To read more, go to Another example was on Headline and Global New.  To read the …

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Dec 15

What products contain lactose?

Milk and milk products are often added to processed foods—foods that have been altered to prolong their shelf life. People with lactose intolerance should be aware of the many food products that may contain even small amounts of lactose, such as   bread and other baked goods waffles, pancakes, biscuits, cookies, and mixes to make …

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Nov 20

FODMAP Friendly Food Labeling

FODMAP friendly logo

 Australia has created a new food certification for FODMAP Friendly foods!  This is a huge step forward and an enormous help to people trying to live FODMAP free!  It is logical that it started in Australia since the diet was developed there … contact your governments to encourage them to do the same!   To read …

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Nov 08

Low FODMAP app for Android


Exciting news!  Monash University (Australia) has released a Low FODMAP app for Android!  It is available through Google Play store at  The app for iPhones was released in December and is available through iTunes. Monash University and Dr. Sue Shepherd are credited with developing the FODMAP diet for the dietary treatment of IBS symptoms.

Nov 06

FODMAPS for IBS – Spreading the word among gastroenterologists

Great article … especially since it was distributed through Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News: The Independent monthly Newspaper for Gastroenterologists.  Getting the word out to those doctors who need the information and are in the best position to have a positive impact on the lives of IBS sufferers.

Nov 05

FODMAP Free Evaporated Milk

FODMAP Free Evaporated Milk

Many recipes call for evaporated or condensed milk.  There is no commercially available lactose free (FODMAP Friendly) evaporated milk.  It is EASY to make your own — simply slowly simmer lactose free whole milk until the volume has been reduced by half.  For most baking recipes, you will need to allow the milk to come …

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Oct 15

FODMAP Diet — Craze or Credible?

This article appeared in Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology, Series #112 (December 2012).     This is exciting news!  It is validation for current FODMAP dieters,  is helping to raise awareness of the GI benefits of the diet, and, more importantly, the more research that is conducted, the better the definitions of “eat versus avoid” will become!   …

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Oct 11


This is a great article about IBS among young people and the possible FODMAP connection.  FODMAPS trigger IBS among adults, why not kids?.  As parents, who among us hasn’t heard … “My stomach hurts” and kept our child home from school.  Doctors are finally looking to FODMAPs for the treatment of young people. “Is tummy …

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Sep 26

Is Molasses a FODMAP trigger?

Why do some FODMAP dieters react to molasses and some do not?  Like many other FODMAP foods, more research needs to be done to refine the dietary restrictions.  In the meantime, a possible explanation could be that molasses can be made with sugarcane, grapes, sorghum or beets.  Beets are an Oligosaccharide, a FODMAP trigger.  Some …

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Sep 20

FODMAP Community Education Class

St Joseph Hospital - Nashua, NH

Helping to spread the word about the FODMAP diet …  For those of you lucky enough to be in the Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) area, St. Joseph’s Hospital is hosting a “Dinner with the Doc” discussion on “IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Is a FODMAP Diet Right for Me?” on October 9.   If you …

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