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Feb 21

Are your IBS Symptoms treatable with the FODMAP diet?

It can be very frustrating finding the one thing that triggers your symptoms because it may not be one thing … it may be many things or the combination of things. There are also a lot of “hidden” FODMAP additives in foods … for example, most canned tomato sauces and store bought soup broths contain onion and/or garlic and both are high FODMAP. Also, gluten and milk are everywhere and they are also high FODMAP. For my daughter to find relief, she had to eliminate all FODMAPs from her diet — she eats gluten free, lactose free, corn syrup free, and has eliminated a huge range of fruits and vegetables because of the sugar they provide. It wasn’t easy, meant a lot more “home cooking” and less eating out, but she is now symptom free!

Unfortunately, many doctors are not as knowledgeable about FODMAPs as they could be. We went through 4 different gastroenterologists before we found one that not only took her symptoms seriously, but provided information about FODMAPs, allowing her to take control of her own health!

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