Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 24

Gluten Free is not FODMAP free

Pure gluten is not a FODMAP.  Pure gluten is a protein.  Most people consume gluten through wheat, barley and rye.  These grains can cause the bloating and other symptoms associated with IBS (apart from Celiac, which is a wheat allergy),  because they contain fructans, one of the FODMAP carbohydrates. There is also a difference between …

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Oct 22

The Low-FODMAP Diet Vs Gluten-Free: Which Is Better?

News from the Mens Journal “…doctors are seriously doubting whether NCGS is really all that common. A landmark study from last year turned out some very convincing evidence that gluten may not be the culprit making so many people sick. Instead, it is likely a large class of carbohydrates called FODMAPs.” Read more: