Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 26

Is Molasses a FODMAP trigger?

Why do some FODMAP dieters react to molasses and some do not?  Like many other FODMAP foods, more research needs to be done to refine the dietary restrictions.  In the meantime, a possible explanation could be that molasses can be made with sugarcane, grapes, sorghum or beets.  Beets are an Oligosaccharide, a FODMAP trigger.  Some …

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Sep 20

FODMAP Community Education Class

St Joseph Hospital - Nashua, NH

Helping to spread the word about the FODMAP diet …  For those of you lucky enough to be in the Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) area, St. Joseph’s Hospital is hosting a “Dinner with the Doc” discussion on “IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Is a FODMAP Diet Right for Me?” on October 9.   If you …

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Sep 18

Soy Confusion

Information worth repeating. Soy based products are confusing for FODMAP dieters because their FODMAP content varies widely depending on how the soy is used. Soy flour has a high FODMAP content. Tofu is low in FODMAP because of the way it is processed. The level of FODMAPS in soy yogurt also varies by manufacturer, depending …

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Sep 16

Ice Cream and Cookies! YUM!

Summer may be officially over, but it is always the right time for new desserts!  Try our FODMAP Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with FODMAP Free Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  DELICIOUS!!

Sep 09

FODMAP Free Classic White Cake with Cookies & Cream Frosting

This classic white cake with cookies & cream frosting is moist, delicious and no one will know it is FODMAP free!  ENJOY!!

Sep 06

FODMAP Free Pizza Crust

Just in time for football season … but really, pizza is always a great idea!  This crust is just like regular pizza crust.  The consistency is best if you have a stoneware pan to cook it on.  Give it try!  FODMAP Free Pizza Crust

Sep 05

FODMAP Free Graham Crackers


Let them eat graham crackers!  FODMAP Free dieters can now enjoy s’mores (with FODMAP free chocolate), graham cracker crust for your favorite pie or just plain graham crackers.  This recipe is a little time consuming and tedious, but worth it if you really need a graham cracker!  Get the recipe here