Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 19

Fiber without FODMAPS

It is very easy not to get enough fiber if you are on a FODMAP Free Diet, but this list should help.  Below is a list of FODMAP Free foods and their fiber content.  A printable PDF list is downloadable here. According to the USDA Nutrient data bank, here are the daily fiber needs for men …

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Dec 11

Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado Sugar - naturally FODMAP Free

We like to use turbinado sugar in FODMAP Free baking.  It is more flavorful that regular granulated sugar.  Be advised, the full flavor is released in the cooking process, so if you taste your batter before baking, it won’t taste like the finished product.  Turbinado Sugar is made from the first crush of pure sugar …

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Dec 11

Holiday cookies without FODMAPS are possible!

It’s the fat in butter that helps bind the cookie dough and dairy-free butter substitutes just don’t’ work well.  Substitute solid vegetable shortening (I use Crisco) in a 1 to 1 ratio for butter and your cookies will be like you remember before giving up dairy.  Crisco claims that their shortening contains 0g trans fat.

Dec 08

Enjoy Salsa, now totally FODMAP Free

Now FODMAP free dieters can enjoy chips and salsa with this easy to make recipe!  No onion or garlic!

Dec 07

FODMAP Foods – Those to avoid and those OK

The IBS Group created this handy reference sheet lisitng foods that are FODMAP friendly and foods that should avoided.  Visit their site, or download it here.  FODMAP Foods

Dec 06

Heavy Cream Substitutes

You are eating a FODMAP Free diet, but your recipe calls for heavy cream.  Try some of these substitutions: Silk Vanilla Creamer Silk — the makers of soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and other non-dairy lactose free products — offers a French Vanilla creamer that can be a 1 to 1 substitute for heavy …

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Dec 04

Delicious Tacos — totally FODMAP Free

Finally, delicious tacos that are completely FODMAP Free! Enjoy this quick meal … ready in 30 minutes from start to finish! Check out the recipe. Don’t forget the FODMAP free sour cream!   [shopeat_button]

Dec 03

FODMAP Free doesn’t mean No Cheese

Hard cheeses are naturally lactose free and good for FODMAP free eating!   These aged cheeses  are crumbly and dry, but not shriveled up. They also have strong flavors, pungency and character. These not mild cheeses! They have a long shelf life and will continue to develop their flavor as they age.   Below is …

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